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The Ohio Empowerment Coalition Needs Your Help!

young adult programThe Ohio Empowerment Coalition is engaged in reaching out to individuals aged 18-26 who are consumers of mental health to better understand the unique issues young adults encounter.  In addition, the Ohio Empowerment Coalition is incredibly interested in collaborating with young adults to connect individuals to recovery oriented programming and peer support networks. OEC is heavily invested in working to ensure young adults feel empowered to utilize their own voices and lived experiences to advocate on behalf of the issues they feel are important!

In addition, the Ohio Empowerment coalition is also involved in creation of the Legacy Council. This is a Council made up entirely of young adults who are interested in actively participating in the advocacy process. This group is a network of peers serving peers. We unify our voices, other youth and young adult organizations in support of issues that affect us. We are our OWN advocates and we empower other youth and young adults to be advocates as well.




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